To make sure you can have as much fresh Ohio craft beer as possible, we are now offering delivery of growlers, howlers, and everything else we sell at The Ohio Taproom. We will start out slow with delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday initially. We would like to encourage you to use this form to make your order, or call the shop (614-487-9224) and we will take the order over the phone.

We’ll take cash or credit card upon delivery. We will charge a small fee ($2.50/delivery), and will require that you buy a new growler / howler for each order. But, we will take back clean Ohio Taproom growlers/howlers and give you a $4 credit token for each. Bring the token back to the Taproom to use in the store.

Check the menu online, and order as much as you want. Add to the order in the comment box if you want pie, beef jerky, chips, salsa, soda, etc. If we have it in stock, we’ll deliver it – if not in stock, no delivery.

Thanks so much for supporting locally owned businesses – we appreciate the opportunity to serve you Ohio-crafted goodness!


*Must have ID ready
*Pay with cash or CC
*Delivery options available Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
*Must buy a new growler or howler ($5.00 and $4.50)
*$4.00 credit-token for each clean Ohio Taproom growler / howler in good condition returned
*$2.50 delivery charge per residence
*Delivery available within a 3-mile range

The Ohio Taproom Delivery

(Beer 2 is optional, but the rest of the fields are required. Thanks!)